In 2013, Greenpeace exposed that Chinese factories working for renowned fashion brands discharged wastewater, containing traces of hazardous chemicals, into rivers and oceans.
Like many others, Alistair Fraiser banned the use of hazardous chemicals from our products and production processes by January 2020. With the deadline expired, we are now proud to report that wastewater tests of the suppliers responsible for 85% of our production volume show a compliance rate of 95%. By 2030 we have set the goal to have phased out áll unsustainable chemicals applications.


One of our biggest challenges is finding a sustainable solution for the use of polybags. Since 2015 we have been testing various alternatives with our suppliers. In 2021 we will start using polybags made with 100% recycled plastic. By the end of 2021 we expect that 90% to 95% of our garments shipped from suppliers to our warehouses will be packed with recycled polybags.